Aerial Images - From £75

Our aerial images package consists of 100's of high definition aerial photographs being taken from different heights, angles, distances and views. The best 20-30 are then selected and forwarded to the client. This provides a large bank of photos for you to choose from for whatever purpose you need.



Video Footage Package - From £145

Approximately thirty minutes of raw footage is recorded at the direction of the client.



Edited Video Package - From £195

If your are looking for a fully edited film production, you need our film package! Need something extra to sell your house or property? Want to showcase your business or services? It doesn't matter, we can do it!

We will:

  • Survey for suitability to film

  • Plan and execute filming sequence on site

  • Film a wide range of shots including flyovers, circuits, corkscrews, low level moving elevations, birdseye oversviews and any other shots suited to capturing the subject in its best light.  We can also shoot ‘pedestrian view’ using a hand-held gimballed camera for pathways, doorways or in other areas too restricted for flying.



Combo Package - From £225

This package includes two products:

  • A ‘ready-to view’ promotional video, fully edited to cast your property it in its most favourable light.  Duration will be dependant on client, making it suitable for publication on an estate agent’s website or on the internet.  The video will be set to music. 


  • 15 high resolution aerial stills. Edited in post production using techniques such as ‘colour correction’ to ensure the high quality of photograph. This can be used on advertisements and websites or printed off, framed and hung up on your wall!


Travel costs are £0.24 per mile.


Please call or contact us to discuss your requirements.


Commercial / Corporate Videos

Please call or contact us to discuss your requirements.

Unique Job

Need something that doesn't fit any of our packages?
Contact us and we will accomodate you to the best of our abilities.


At present we have chosen to defer VAT registration as this will maximise cost effectiveness for private clients. Thus,

  • No VAT is applicable to the quoted prices,

  • Prices quoted do not include a VAT content .



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